15 Minutes of Fame?

It's said that every one of us will get 15 minutes of fame. That was the rule until 2013. Then came along some guys who really flipped this philosophy upside down. Before becoming MAGCON, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, Taylor Caniff, Matthew Espinosa, Shawn Mendes, Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, & Hayes Grier started making seven second Vines and YouTube videos.

Now, I remember just coming across them quite by accident. It was a night that I had been ill and I was looking through my social media and came across someone called Nash Grier. I watched his videos and thought, "meh... I did the same thing as a kid. But he's a pretty funny kid with his friends." So I subscribed. Each time he put something new up, I found myself getting more and more sucked into this kid's world. It made me feel like a teenager again, laughing at their adventures and exploits; Wondering what was coming next.

Nash became a household name among his fans and followers starting at fifteen years of age with over 1.5 million followers gained in just 15 minutes. Gaining over 100,000 followers per week at some points, which continues to today. He did have a bit of a PR crisis at fifteen when he made a derogatory remark about gay people. He was quick to remove the vine and apologize. It was a good move and he admitted his fault. You don't see that too much in people that are trying to make a name for themselves. Of course, he was only 15 at the time so he used his upbringing to come to his defense. Admitting one is wrong is tough, even for the most eloquent of people. Especially, if the internet suddenly becomes judge and jury of you and your actions. That is, unfortunately the way of this world now, and the people across the web, will hold you accountable. It's just easier to admit the wrong and apologize. This is really the only acceptable fix. If the people don't like it, they'll let you know.

Nash now commands a following of literally millions of people and was named one of Time Magazine's top 30 most influential people on the internet. Not bad for a 19 year old. It took four years to build, and the trick is to keep building upon the successful nature of his entertainment. He is sought after by some really big brands, and he really does hold the power to stay. Regardless of the thousands of people who "unfollow" him, there are thousands who replace them daily as well. He's a PR machine, and if he and his management reign it in close, he'll be able to keep up with the rest of Young Hollywood.

Another interesting fellow is Cameron Dallas. I've been following his vine for about the same amount of time, give or take a couple of weeks. He was the star of "Expelled" which I took in through Netflix. It really reminded me of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". It was humorous and well scripted. Cam cut his acting teeth with this movie and I have yet to see his latest work. He is also a sought after model and has an entire Aeropostle line dedicated to himself, Nash, and Hayes. His smile is his brand and he uses it to the utmost advantage. He truly is the epitome of a Calvin Klein, Armani, Aeropostle, and Abercrombie and Finch model all rolled into one. An almost stellar amalgam, if you will.

I remember seeing him filming a funny vine when he cut his foot wide open. I actually felt the initial shock and panic he felt as Cameron is very good at parlaying his feelings. Between laughing and wanting to pass out or vomit, he made it all entertaining. Especially in the ER. That was just too funny when they brought out the needle. Those of us who have had stitches know very well, that's the worst part. Both the needle for the antibiotics and the needle for the numbing of the pain are excruciating. I hope they put some Lidocaine in that rather large butt needle. I also like his question and answer sessions which give his fans a peek into the life of this young man. The other funny things he has done have involved dares and generally disgusting (vomit inducing) things. I happen to be one of the weird people who laugh heartily at those who gag and if they actually toss their cookies, even better. In this, Cam delivers brilliantly.

Matthew Espinosa is another Vine hit sensation. His quotes about life and his YouTube videos about his latest tour are very entertaining. "Live simply so others can simply live." Is a favorite of mine, and he was pretty young when he said that, thus giving me the feeling that he is a very old and wise soul wrapped up in a charming and very funny individual. I have enjoyed watching Matthew and the rest of them come into their own as adults, or very close thereto.

Then there is Shawn Mendes, an amazing singer songwriter who started with his singing Vines. I have to be honest when I tell you that I really didn't think he had "it" at first. His voice seemed to falter as his lack of confidence became evident. But I kept watching and watching, and listening to hear his music. He did covers, but when I heard his actual music, I was blown away. He seemed to have found his confidence and now is fast becoming an international sensation.

Then there is Aaron Carpenter, who's parents were friends with a promoter named Bart B. And got the idea when Taylor was going to meet some Instagram friends at a local mall and literally hundreds of girls showed up. Thus, MAGCON which stands for Meet and Greet Convention was born. It was short lived however, with a start date of October 1, 2013 and an end date of April 26, 2014. So, in half a year these boys (and one girl) became so popular that they could then branch off and start their own personal brands and entertainment enterprises. Later on Aaron was able to collaborate with Jack Dail, and the Dolan Twins. I will write about these guys in the future as they were not part of the original MAGCON Family.

Then you have the "Jacks", Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky. Both are exceedingly talented in improvisational acting and they have spun their fame into a budding music career. I like their music, it reflects their generation perfectly. They are really very, very funny once they let loose, and I wouldn't mind seeing more from them on all levels in the future.

This brings us to Carter Reynolds who lovingly scares the hell out of his poor mother. And parlays a different kind of comedy to entertain his fans and followers. I have a couple of Aunts and cousins of Asian descent and I can really relate to his Mom. She handles everything like my Aunt Joy would. Except she would literally kill us if we scared her so much. So Carter is one of my favorites by default.

This is just the beginning to this saga of Social Media Superstars. The whole point is with determination, hard work, and true talent anyone can become a media sensation. Each of us have a chance at our 15 minutes of fame. It's up to the fans and followers, where you end up. But it does take work, and you have to be able to juggle multiple Social Media such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Shots, Snapshot, FB (for the older set), and all the rest. And there are literally hundreds of Social media outlets worldwide. The trick is to keep your content fresh and always interesting. Leave them wanting more, and you'll see your follower and fan base grow. It takes time, but it does happen. I remember getting 2,000 followers on Twitter in just a day. It was nearly overwhelming, and when I didn't keep up with my content, I lost about 300 followers. So, I learned. Also promoting your accounts helps a lot. There are plenty of "fake bots" who represent "followers" in the hundreds of thousands, so you'll want to make sure you verify everyone you can. It's your following and fans who re-tweet and re-post your content that gets your name out there front and center. The main goal, besides gaining followers and fans as well as cash? To get a major"influencer" with millions upon millions of followers to re-tweet, re-vine, and re-post your content. That's what happened with Nash. A famous influential person retweeted just one of his Vines. Six to seven seconds of Nash's own brand of humor and he, in turn, within 15 minutes gained over 1.5-5 million followers. Thus, becoming an influencer himself. Quite literally overnight. Keep your eye out for what comes next with these guys. I guarantee they will not disappoint. Justin Bieber loves Matthew Espinosa, and has made a Vine saying so. Thus, Matthew is now a great influencer himself. This influencer marketing is new over the past few years and businesses have really started budgeting for it. In PR, we have had to make adjustments, and I am still waiting for my "influencer". I am hopeful and will keep a positive attitude no matter what. You should too.

The most important thing is that when you "arrive" in the spotlight, not to waste it. Alex from Target did not manage it very well and he, in my opinion, wasted the opportunity. Unless you keep care of everything, you can expect to have a mediocre social presence. When you have managed it well, you will be approached by brands to use your influence to peddle their various products and services. There is where you will make your money, and thus your new Social Media Career will take off and can be very lucrative. But the cases in point are admittedly special situations. But it does garner, hope that you as well, can turn your 15 minutes into something more. Maybe even 52 weeks or more.

Be very careful if you are not prepared to handle everyone's opinion which includes a dark side of "haters" who will attempt to bring you and all of your work down. Do what these boys have done. Don't even deign to sink to their level. Always be positive and remember you are worth more than you know.

Remember to NOT Unfollow your followers. It's just poor form.

For more information please follow me @realnickban1a on twitter. Or Nikko @nicholasbania1. Instagram @nicholastimothyb. As for Youtube, that will come in time. I have been able to make my channel, but I honestly have writer's block as to what content to put up. So, I'm still working on it as well as Vine. But there you have it. Work. There are no shortcuts, and there is a bit of luck. Be thankful for your current fans and followers. They are the ones that matter. Don't ever forget that. Good luck and until next time, I remain truly yours.

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