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"As you Sow, So Shall You Reap"

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Some Adventures in the History of the Project Director & Principal Manager,

Nicholas Bania

Nick started his service and public relations career at the age of 14. Working as a bus boy for a local upscale restaurant, 121 West.  He also worked for a downtown men's clothier and was a clerk at Tuttle Publishing. Meeting the venerable Charles Tuttle, who was one of the mainstays of Rutland Society, Nick was able to see at an early age, the comings and goings of an international publishing house.  Although, he started honing his skills at the local ski resort which was under the management and ownership of American Skiing Co., LLC. He started in housekeeping of all places and his manager's manager noticed that he had a gift to calm guests and bring their feelings around by personally assisting in ANY need that was necessary to resolve any unwanted matters. This earned Nick a position in Guest Services and subsequently Reservations and Front Desk, where he was one of the people responsible for management's plans on bringing Pico into the fold, Front Desk-wise. He won a Coveted Eagle Award, which is given by a guest. Considering the thousands of people visiting a ski resort in winter, this was particularly special. When his career transpired into his coming into management, he became the Chairman of the Merchant's Committee for the Manchester and the Mountains Chamber of Commerce. He helped in the development of the Financial Network.com and was interviewed by Dow Jones on a few occasions pertaining to small business and the challenges therein. Just before his arrival at Killington, he was directing promotions for several non-profit organizations. Including the National A.I.D.S. Foundation Quilt, Vermont Chapter of Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants.

His productions include,

A couple Battle of the Bands, Advising on an Upstate NY Festival which became a popular destination through the remainder of the 90's and early 2000's.

He was the President of the Rainbow Business Association for 4 years. He was instrumental in bringing together corporations and individual business owners to the common goal of how to best serve their communities.

Nick retired from public life for a time. Then decided that he would go back into service, where he was happy; making other people happy. He joined the 'A' Team at the Middlebury Inn under the ownership of Frank and Jane Emanuel. The GM was an interesting gentleman named Jeff and he and Nick became fast friends. Over the course of 8 years, Nick served as Guest Services Manager and Evening Manager of the Inn. It was working at the Inn where Nick Mastered the skills he employs to this day. Top-Notch Service, always with a smile and a laugh.

Now, Nick is working in Social Media Marketing Protocol, Website Development, Creative Content Research, Creative Writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Analytics, and General Public Relations 

Still the best service with a smile.

An interesting side note...he's an American fascinated with Great Britain and their culture, due to his own ancestors and their places in English Society.




Nicholas Timothy Bania
Founder & Principal Director
 Accomplished    Specialist
With Over 25 Years Experience in the Art of Customer Relations