Graveyard Chronicles

Stories of Strange Experiences

First Stories


So I will share with you my experiences at a place in Salisbury Called Shard Villa. The Columbus Smith Estate.

It all started with a story, written by Joe Citro in his amazing book, "Ghosts, Ghouls, and other Unsolved Mysteries".

The story goes that Columbus Smith, a wealthy lawyer, who obtained his wealth after securing the estate of a person he would never meet. Back and forth to England he went, until he was able to build a proper family seat. Shard Villa is the family seat of Columbus Smith. His daughter died not too long after moving in. His wife and son were diagnosed with "Consumption" Leaving Mr. Smith alone in his mansion with the servants. It is said that you can hear a baby crying on the upper floors. A piano playing in the parlor. And the grounds are haunted. I personally can attest to it. My friend Shannon D. can also verify what we went through that night.

It's no secret that I liked pot a lot back in the day, so I was smoking and driving, not really recommended, but I was in my late 20's so I still had a sense of being undefeatable. So I pulled some crazy shit, but I had a great time and I would do it all over again. Getting back to my story, Shannon drove and I brought her to Shard Villa. We pulled off at the original stone wall where the entrance was. There is still a drive in there, and we decided to venture up the old approach road. As we walked Shannon grabbed me and said "shhh, you hear that?" What happened next I'll never forget. As I listened I indeed heard someone walking, swiftly at us up from up the road. However, there was nothing there. That whatever it was walked straight up to my face, and I felt a breeze when it stopped. I could almost smell pipe tobacco.  I lost time for a few seconds and looked behind me to see that Shannon had taken off. I vaguely remembered her pushing me hard and brief, and her leaving me there completely alone. My first thing, when I realized I was alone, I did was to gather myself enough to get the hell out of there. I felt the panic and subsequent flight response. I imagined not being able to open the car door or something, the thing I thought was in pursuit of me, would get me. I made it to the car and in one move opened the door jumped in, locked, and closed the door swiftly. It eas a night I will never forget, and a night I hope to repeat in the future. I guess my love of all things strange and haunted supercedes my need for safe comfort..

Finding the Eddie Brothers Graves



I have this friend, Matthew Pinsonneault and he's the person who introduced me to Joe Citro and his stories. We were particularly enjoyed the story of the famous Eddie Brothers of Chittenden, Vermont. Now, we had gone by the house countless times while on  this particular road. This noteable afternoon, around 4 or 5 pm we were on one of our famous roadtrips and we had passed the small hill containing the graveyard up there in Chittenden. Right out of "Jack Skellington's" kingdom. 

I decided that we should attempt to find the Eddy brother's graves. I had read the story so many times, but had never thought to actually add finding the place where they were laid to rest. The story of the brothers overallis a sad one, so we were thinking of that when we decided to try that cemetary. So we pulled in and went right up the hill. We bared left and them parked right in the middle of the small road. This thing is straight out of Sleepy Hollow. We had to take a look. So we went for a walk and I was admiring the actual gravesites, at how well kept they were. I suddenly needed a smoke and headed back up to the road. As I got there, I lit my cigarette and my friend had a look of complete shock on his face as he looked over my shoulder and pointed. What he was pointing at were two large black headstones with candles and different homages on and around the grave. EDDY was the name and I was flaberghasted. We went for a little visit of our own and then headed back to the car. We've been back since, and at night as well. You do get a strange feeling up there. I will again get up there and get some great pictures. Until then, I'll just keep researching their story.